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       Founded in 1935, Shanghai No. 2 Valve Factory Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shanghai No. 2 Valve Factory) is China’s first enterprise specialized in researching and developing high, medium and low pressure valves and vacuum valves, enjoying a history of more than 70 years. Our company has been awarded such honors as State Second Grade Enterprise, Advanced Enterprise in Shanghai and Civilization Unit in Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation. In addition, we have been identified as a Contract Honoring and Credit Keeping Unit in Shanghai for 22 consecutive years. Now our enterprise is a member unit of Valve Division of China General Machinery Industry Association, a director unit of China Vacuum Association, a supplier of SINOPEC, a first-tier supplier of CNPC, a member of CNPC’s and a member of
  Our company now has 378 personnel, including 82 various professional technicians and 9 senior engineers. With our valve design and machining centers as well as inspection equipment for various valves, we have the capacity to design and manufacture various valves. In 1990, our company successfully researched and developed valve products for the key national project of Beijing Electron Positron Collider, and was awarded the “First Prize of National Key Technology and Equipment Achievements” by the State Council, and former premier Li Peng gave his inscription: striving for realizing the localization of key technical equipment.
  The registered trademark “φ” of our products is a famous brand in the valve industry. The main high, medium and low pressure products of our company include: gate valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valves, plunger valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, control valves, balancing valves, slurry valves, discharging valves, hydraulic control valves, etc. The driving modes include manual, electric and pneumatic operation. The valve size ranges within 6mm-4000mm and the pressure class ranges within 0.1MPa-32MPa. The valve size of American standard API valves ranges from 1/4” to 40”, and the pressure class ranges from 150LB to 2500LB. The working temperature of valves ranges from -700C to 5400C. The main parts of valves are made of copper, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. The applicable media are oil, water, steam and natural gas. The products are widely used in such industries as petroleum, chemical industry, fertilizer, steel, power plant, oil field, urban gas, construction, pulp & paper, fire control, etc.
  Our vacuum valve products include vacuum solenoid valves, vacuum butterfly valves, vacuum diaphragm valves, vacuum baffle valves, vacuum ball valves, vacuum fine adjustment valves, vacuum control valves, ultra-high vacuum gate valves, ultra-high vacuum baffle valves, etc. The driving modes include manual, pneumatic, electric and electromagnetic operation. The valve size ranges within 0.8~1200mm, valve leakage rate within 6.7×10-2~1.3×10-7Pa.L/s, applicable temperature within -30~+4000C and applicable pressure within 1×105~1×10-7 Pa. The products are widely used in aerospace, electronics, machinery, medicine, refrigeration, energy, environmental protection, food and other scientific research fields.
  In 1998, our company was successfully certified to the ISO9001 international quality system. In 2002, it was certified to the ISO9001:2000 international quality system of revised edition and issued the national pressure vessel safety registration (AZ) certificate by the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision. In 2006, it was issued the special equipment manufacturing license (TS) by the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision. Over the past several decades, our company has consistently focused on the improvement of product quality. From the incoming of raw materials to the completion of finished products, we track and supervise the machining of each part. We carry out water and gas tightness test of each product before delivery. With stable product performance and reliable quality, we have been awarded National New Product Golden Dragon Prize, New Product Scientific Development Achievement Prize at Municipal and Ministerial Levels, etc. In 2006, our company was approved as a “National Enterprise with Up-to-standard Product Quality” by “China Quality”, and selected as a “Famous Brand in China” by China Association for Quality Brands. In 2005, we successfully completed our system reform. After the reorganization of our enterprise, we have laid more stress on product quality control to further improve the quality of our “φ” brand valves.
  By always keeping to the principle of “quality first and user foremost”, our company will continuously enhance our service level and develop more new products according to customer requirements. We are building the image of our “φ” brand valves by meeting user needs through excellent product quality, timely delivery and considerate service. We sincerely expect customers from home and abroad to visit us for business talk and achieve mutual benefit.